Victoria Barracks was established as an army base in Sydney between the years 1841 and 1846. This building is one of the best examples of militaristic development in Australia, and is also a historic icon for the city and the nation. As were many of Sydney’s early constructions, Victoria Barracks was built by the labour of convicts who used sandstone rock transported from nearby the Hawkesbury River. The distance they carried these rocks must have been immense, and the working conditions of the convicts were terrible.

Originally, Victoria Barracks was designed to house 650 soldiers, including space for them to eat, sleep and train. There was also a clock and a bell. The barracks were used by British troops until 1870 when they were then transferred in use to the New South Wales colonial forces. Between the years of 1931 and 1936, Victoria Barracks was used by the Royal Military College of Australia and later also housed the Command and Staff School. Victoria Barracks remains in use today for military purposes and is currently used for the Headquarters of the Land Command and the Headquarters of the Training Command.